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Letters of recommendation from our clients.

"The Association of the Sea Commercial Ports" (ASCP) has united more than 50 organizations of the sea transport in Russia, dispatcher, agency, logistic companies, research institutes and institutions of sea transport since 1988. / www.morport.com;
"RosInter Restaurants Holding" is a leading company in the sphere of chain restaurants on the market in Russia and the CIS. (IL , Sushi planet, T.G.I. Fridays 1-2-3 cafe, Costa Coffee, restaurant Sibirskaya Korona), it operates in 9 countries, the proceeds for the year of 2009 comprises 8.34 billion rubles, it has existed since 1990. / www.rosinter.ru ;
"Metall-Zavod" ltd (metal furniture plant) is a leading producer of metal furniture (Moscow). Subsidiaries: St. Petersburg, Ufa, Kazan, Rostov on- the- Don, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samara. Its been operating since 2000. / www.metall-zavod.ru ;
"Prok" ltd is a forwarding company (Moscow). It carriages goods by road, by railway and by plain across Russian and the CIS. Its existed since 1996. / www.prok-mos.ru ;
"Siegwerk Moscow" ltd and "Siegwerk" ltd (St. Petersburg) are subsidiary companies of the transnational corporation "Siegwerk" (with the head office in Germany, being the leader in producing of paints for printing, packing and tobacco industry, with the yearly sales of approximately 1 billion euro. Its existed since 1830) / www.siegwerk.com ;
"Komek" Closed joint-stock company is a Russian company with the foreign investments. It is engaged in retailing, restaurants, drugstores in the duty-free area of the Sheremetievo airport, import of medical equipment from the UK and Germany/ it has existed since 1992. (Moscow);
"Forever Living Products CIS" ltd is a Russian company (Moscow) with the foreign investments from the USA. It is a leader in the wellness industry, being the first company to get the prestigious Mark of approval from the International Scientific Council for Aloe for the purity and quality of the production made of aloe. Its existed since 1978. / www.foreverliving.ru ;
"MAKOFARM" ltd is a Russian company (Moscow) was established in 1992 based on the biotechnology sector of new drugs at the first Moscow Medical Institute. Sechenov. Inventions company confirmed 50 patents and copyright certificates./ www.braginzeva.ru ;
"ARTES" ltd One of the largest suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables to retail chains in Moscow, the Moscow region and the regions. The modern distribution center, fleet, delivery in Moscow and the regions, packaging, long-term contracts with major global suppliers of fruits and vegetables since 2003./ www.artes-retail.ru ;
"America-Travel" ltd is a travel operator across the USA, representing the company PEOPLE & KNOWLEDGE, INC (USA) in Russia since 1994. / www.americatravel.ru;
"Moscow UchCollector #4" Open joint-stock company has been providing material support and procurement for educational institutions in Russia and the CIS since 1958. / www.uk4.ru;
Autonomous non-profit organization "Association of private security arrangement organizations of Moscow" - started operating by edict of Moscow mayor by means of interacting and coordinating of private security arrangement organizations with the Moscow Main Department for Internal Affairs (GUVD) and Moscow Government, since 2004. / www.aonsb.ru;
"SystemInvest" Open joint-stock company is a Russian company with the foreign investments and with the state participation (Russian Federation), being the professional in creating software and hardware systems, arranging and optimizing of IT infrastructures, telco multiservice network deployment. Its been operating since 1994 (Moscow). / www.systeminvest.ru;
"Trade house Marvink" ltd is a Russian company with the foreign investments (Poland). It produces polyethylene manufacture (including advertising, packing), imports machinery for polyethylene manufacturing. Its been working since 1997 (Moscow). / www.marvink.com;
"Morcenter-TEK" Closed joint-stock company (forwarding company). The company was made up by the largest Russian ports by initiative of the RF Ministry of Transport. The company is actively operating in regulating freight traffic and increasing cargo base f the Russian sea ports. Its been working since 1996 (Moscow). / www.transrussia.net;
"Transstroitonnel-99" ltd is a leading construction firm (Moscow) in shaft-sinking and tunneling. The construction objects are in Moscow, the Moscow region and other Russian regions. Its been working since 1999.
"Fund of social support for special departments veterans" graduates from Alma-Ata frontier college and the members of their families Battle brotherhood was created for the purpose of social support of graduates from Alma-Ata frontier college and the members of their families (Moscow). / www.avpku.ru;
"Forest" Closed joint-stock company deals in producing outside commercials, polygraphs (among their clients are Hyundai, Rambler, X5 Retail Group, etc). Moscow. / www.4est.ru;
"SM-Audit F" ltd is a leasing company. It deals in leasing of construction equipment and others. Its been operating since 1996. (Moscow).

AS-AUDIT is going on to increase its clients base, develop new for us segments of business consulting and audit market.

At present our specialists have accumulated enough experience of cooperation with the firms of the following economic activities:
Manufacturing activity;
Retail and wholesale trade;
Hotels and restaurants;
Transport and communication;
Financial activity;
Operations with real-estate, rent and leasing;
State management, compulsory social maintenance;
Health protection and providing social services;
Providing other municipal, social and personal services.

The specialists of AS-AUDIT understand the peculiarities of each of the above-mentioned activity very well and know how to solve their accounting and managerial problems.


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