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The audit company As-audit guarantees the quality of services to its clients and partners.

  1. Our methodological base and technology of work:
    - the methodological base of our company is daily enriched
    - we chase the legislation changes
    - we review and keep archives of journals and newspapers articles on bookkeeping, audit, including branch issues
    - we follow the issuing of monographs in the field of our activity
    - daily we prepare professional consulting in your, Dear Clients, and Partners, questions
    - in our company there are research workers making serious analysis of professional questions
    We have worked out the technology of providing audit and attendant services giving an opportunity to control and support the quality of our services on the highest level.
  2. The volume of our responsibility is fixed in the contract.
    The standard volume of our financial responsibility, fixed in the contract, is from 2/3 of our services cost.
    For example: for an audit contract with the services cost of 100000 rubles the size of automatic responsibility of our responsibility of our firm totals no less than 67000 rubles.
  3. Our professional responsibility is insured by the insurance company Ingosstrah.
    2004 the limit of the Insurers responsibility is 30000$ for each Insurance case (policy 43-007559/03), 2003 - the limit of the Insurers responsibility is 30000$ for each Insurance case (policy 43-005877/02). 2002 - the limit of the Insurers responsibility is 50000$ for each Insurance case (policy 43- 000285/02)
    The following insurance risks are stated in policies:
    - mistakes during auditing of the accounting(financial)records, payment and accounts documents, tax retums of the economic subjects.
    - mistakes during arranging, renewal and keeping accounting.
    - mistakes during tax retum and accounts complying.
    - mistakes during giving consulting on questions of financial, tax, banking and other economic legislation of the RF.
  4. The State Documents ratifying our qualification.
    United (Single) license on audit activity E 006231 dated 20.07.2004. The order of the Ministry of Finance of the RF 201.
    The certificates of our specialists: audit certificates of the Ministry of Finance of the RF and certificates of professional, qualified accountants of the Institute of Professional Accountants of the RF.
  5. Our partners are our guarantees.
    Our partners are our guarantees: consulting and audit companies, law firms, professional participants of the equity market, banks and other companies.
    We are ready to consider your proposals in providing supplementary guarantees and to fix it in the contract.


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