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  Professional responsibility of "AS-AUDIT" is insured.

English version > News > Professional responsibility of "AS-AUDIT" is insured.


In 2013 our company professional liability insured by "Ingosstrakh".

The insurance cover applies to insurance claims after 01.01.2002 (this year marks 12 years of our cooperation with "Ingosstrakh").

According to the insurance policy from 11.03.2013 № 433-016878/13, the limit of the Insurer's liability for all insured events is set at 10,000,000 (ten million), the limit of the Insurer's liability for one insurance event is set at 3,500 '000 (three million five hundred thousand).

The insurance policy covers the insured events in the implementation of auditing. The insured event is the appearance of a real obligation to reimburse the Insured damage to property interests of the beneficiaries in unintentional errors, omissions made by the Insured entity (the workers) in the implementation of auditing.

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